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Travel blog – My review of the hotel L’Arbre Voyageur in Lille


A modern and comfortable hotel in Lille

Located in the Old district of Lille, two blocks away from the famous Grand Place, there’s the hotel L’Arbre Voyageur. A 4 star hotel with a modern appearance, consisting of two restaurants (medium and upscale), a bakery, a bar and of course, the hotel.
The reception of the hotel is extremely welcoming. It is decorated with a tropical style (it’s like being in the jungle). The kindness and professionalism of the staff makes you instantly relaxed from your trip. We are very well received.
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A decoration that makes you travel in the Brazilian jungle

Just arrived in the hotel and I’m already feeling like I’m taken to another world, this hotel has a unique character that differentiates it from all. The receptionist (who is very kind) takes my luggage after explaining Lille’s good plans and its history, I must confess I have not listened to him for a long time, the reason ?
The decoration of the hotel captivated me and I am completely immersed in the tropical landscapes of Brazil! The exoticism of the hotel is displayed everywhere: whether in the corridors, in the colors and wallpapers of the suite, or in the restaurant for lunch.
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A spacious suite worthy of a 5 stars hotel !

For this weekend I have the chance to test one of the 4 spacious suites among the 48 rooms of the hotel. The 5 floors of the hotel all have their own atmosphere and can not leave you indifferent! Vibrant colors: green, yellow, brown and black are the most used. The furniture and materials are modern and harmonize perfectly with the hotel. The bedding is a high quality one, once in bed I did not want to get up. Not to mention the movies on demand on the HD TV and free minibar that invite me to stay in bed.

The restaurants are excellent.

Whether for breakfast in the restaurant Ma Reine or to enjoy the delights of the gourmet restaurant Le Jane we can say that we eat very well in this hotel. 

The menus are displayed in the elevator !

The front desk is open 24 hours a day. Room service is also available. I had the great and pleasant surprise to see the menu of the two restaurants (The Jane and the Ma Reine) displayed in the elevator, I find the concept awesome!

In the top 3 of the best hotels in Lille 

In summary the hotel L’Arbre Voyageur which mean The travelling tree, transports you from the moment you enter it! This hotel blends design and comfort. A freshness in the heart of old Lille… Each room or suite has been uniquely decorated. Its equipment at the forefront of modernity decorate the place and plunge you into a true parenthesis of relaxation, in all elegance.
For more space, I recommend you to take the Deluxe Suite, so you can enjoy a bright and full setting, consisting of a bedroom with a King Size bed, green colors displayed everywhere matching the theme of the hotel, as well as a private lounge with latest generation technologies . After a day of discovery, admire the view of the city and enjoy a moment of relaxation in your suite. There is no doubt this hotel deserves his 4 stars.

Price – Between 117 & 299 € the night
Website – https://www.hotelarbrevoyageur.com/
Location – 45 Boulevard Carnot, 59800 Lille
Contact – 03 20 20 62 62
Social Networks Instagram / Facebook
Finale Score – 9.5/10

Positives Points :

An ideal location

The bathroom of the suite is very spacious and functional (it has a bath, a walk-in shower (italian style) and two sinks) !

A very professional staff 

The quality, the cleanliness of the hotel and the comfort of the rooms is well above average.

The services of the hotel (bakery, restaurants, bar) are exceptional.


Negatives Points :

Only a Spa and a gym are missing at this hotel to reach the score of a 10/10.

The buffet breakfast is slightly too small, so we tend to wait until no other customer is at the buffet to go to serve.


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