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My unbiased review of the hotel “Le Meurice” in Paris


A better impression from the outside than from the inside

I had the honor of testing the famous hotel Le Meurice hotel in Paris, the honor will quickly fall down when you’ll fully read this article. So I’m heading to the 5-star establishment at 228 rue de Rivoli in the 1st arrondissement, which defines itself as the first palace in Paris (its creation dates from 1835). This hotel belongs to the famous Dorchester Collection Hotels group which brews millions every year by selling nonexistent services ? The pleasure of choosing the exceptional has been kinda wasted for me…

A bad quality / price ratio

The prices are excessive, not only the price for booking a room, the price for reserving the SPA but the worst is especially the breakfast, very expensive! The latter is very good, I will not deny it, however the portions served are extremely small (even tiny), to tell the truth, so small that you are still hungry after you have finished eating your 115 euros meal. Also disappointed with the Dalí restaurant. The value for money is not justified. That’s not all, for a 5 star hotel I can assure you that the service is deplorable, and absolutely not up to what we have in mind before entering a renowned palace.

The hotel Meurice ? A cold hotel, prestigious for sure, but also devoid of identity.

The lobby is not at all intimate, it is cold, without any charm, old and out of date. I don’t have this feeling of being at home, of being cozy. I think I escaped the worst after passing the hall, however the shower in the bedroom which (I remind you) is almost at 1k euros per night is not practical at all, the shower hose does not work … it can happen, yes but in a 5 star hotel we really hope it won’t happen. That’s not all ? Finally the hot water ends up making me leave the shower. Impossible to lower the temperature, the water heating being surely linked to the shower hose previously mentioned.

A worn hotel that is overpriced compared to its competitors and the quality of its rooms

The hotel is ok, but not up to my expectations because of its reputation and the prices. The deluxe room has a very large bed, it is even comfortable, comfortable only if you can forget the foul smell that emanates from under the bed (I did not try to find out what it was). Finally I would like to tell you about the obvious lack of space in a room which is nevertheless “deluxe”. Not much room to move around, therefore, compared to the bathroom, which is quite large. So I would have preferred that part of this space (bathroom) to be allocated to the main room.

My opinion on the hotel Le Meurice in Paris

The hotel Le Meurice is good, but not perfect. I am always honest in my articles you know that, even if I am mostly invited free of charge by luxury hotels, I always keep the freedom to write my feelings, my honest opinion. For example: A nice buffet with waiter would seem more suitable to me than a nonchalant menu that did not even offer pancakes for breakfast. In 2020 I really hope that the Le Meurice hotel will be able to recover and keep its prestige image of yesteryear, maybe it is necessary to renew its staff, its communication strategy, prices and services?

Finale Review


The hotel has many advantages but it is still a disappointment, the price is unjustified.

Price – Between 950 and 7000 € the night

Book your roomhttps://www.dorchestercollection.com/fr/paris/le-meurice/

Place – 228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris.

Contact +01 44 58 10 77

Social Network – Instagram Facebook

Finale Note – 14/20

Positives Points

▬ The location of the hotel gives it an undeniable advantage over its competitors.

▬ Even if the hotel has a lot of negatives points, it still remains prestigious.


Negatives Points

▬ This hotel is the epitome of the “have you seen me” hotel in Paris ? One thing is certain, the hotel is more prestigious than useful, its lack of service and professionalism risks making it lose a star. 

▬ Annoying details in all areas of the hotel, starting with the lack of toilet paper supply, the shower hose that does not work…

▬ The largely disproportionate price compared to the service. 


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